It’s never been easier to find sugar free food that tastes great. With zero calorie drinks and sugar free ice cream, chocolate and biscuits, you can now satisfy your sweet tooth without the need for sugar… hooray!

What’s even better is you can sweeten your own homemade food and drinks on the go and at work. Fab for fast moving lives.

With advances in sweeteners, there’s no longer a one size fits all approach and they taste so much better too. Now there are different varieties of sweeteners to suit all tastes and uses. For example, for the brilliant bakers out there, a sucralose based sweetener is best to withstand high oven temperatures, or if you like to sweeten your own coffee at the train station, tablet sweeteners are a great choice. Check out our list below to see which sweetener would best suit your taste and use.

The brilliant baker

If you love to bake, even if you’re not very good, you can now bake without the need for sugar. That’s right, cakes, bakes and sweet treats can be muddled and mixed using Canderel® Sweetely to create sugar free desserts. Baking with sucralose is perfect as it withstands high oven temperatures giving your puds the sweet taste but without the added guilt.

The sugar fiend

Have a little sugar addiction? We know the feeling. But never fear, we have the next best thing (and when we say next best we’re being modest!) Canderel® Sugarly looks like sugar, tastes like sugar and feels like sugar but without the actual sugar. We’ve even done our very own taste test to prove it (LINK to video) and it’s sooo good as a white sugar replacement.

The au natural (said with French accent)

If you’re looking for naturally derived ingredients, then stevia is your plant. Native to South America, this little green god is our secret weapon in the fisty cuffs against sugar. We’ve used stevia in our Canderel® Stevia Tablets to give them a subtle naturally sourced flavour.

The smoothie lover

Love smoothies, juices and anything healthy and cold? It can be tricky to sweeten bitter tasting fruits and veggies without sugar. Have you tried using certain sweeteners only to find they don’t dissolve? So have we, which is why we invented the cool sounding Canderel® Zero. This sweet little liquid is a handy zero-calorie sweetener perfect for adding to smoothies, cocktails, iced teas and Frappuccinos as it dissolves instantly giving you sweetness in a flash. We like to think this is one of the best liquid sweeteners around.

The sucralose fan

Enjoy the taste of sucralose rather than traditional sweeteners? Well, this is the one for you. Deliciously sweet, deliciously fat and sugar free. As Sucralose is safe for diabetics, Canderel® Sweetely Tablets are a good alternative to sugar for sufferers. With a handy little pack you can keep these in your bag for on the go sweetness – great for the commute coffee.

The traditionalist

Always have tea at 3pm, dinner at 7.30pm and love to stick to what you know? If that sounds like you and you like the idea of a product established for over 30 years, then Canderel® Original Granules should be a staple cupboard addition. It’s the perfect substitute for sugar in tea and coffee, over cereal or fruit, or even replace sugar in baking for this all-round good egg. And if travelling or commuting are part of your life, Canderel® Original Tablets are just the right size for on the go use.

Here at Canderel® we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice sweet. We’re born instinctively enjoying sweet flavours so why change our inbuilt behaviour. We know too much sugar can lead to health problems so we’ve designed each product specifically for you and your needs. Whether you’re baking or using Canderel® as a sugar replacement for coffee, Canderel® will deliver only the best tasting low calorie sugar free sweetener.