Canderel Sugarly vs Sugar

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Sweetness brings us together

What others are saying...

  • “I was very impressed. I have tried a lot of sweetners in the past and some are bland or overly sweet. This was just the right amount of sweetness and I didn't need to add too much to enjoy a nice cup of tea. I would definitely buy this in the future!”

    E Powell

  • “I really like sugarly - I've been looking for a good replacement sugar for years and I think I've finally found it. No horrible aftertaste, no tummy pains, no blood sugar spikes - fantastic!”

    K Jones

  • “Gave it to my partner who 'detests' sweetness and tells me that he will always know if I've switched sugar for sweeter. Not this time he still is unaware it's Canderel in his coffee every morning . J Milbourne”

    J Milbourne

  • “Great tasting couldnt tell the diffrence between this or the real sugar have made the switch from normal sugar wont be going back now. Thank you canderel great product once again .”


  • “Normally the taste puts me off. You get that funny tang. This product is different . It tastes like sugar. I have tried and failed to have my morning coffee without sugar. Now I don't have to worry.”

    H Martin

  • “I could not tell any difference.i am going to use this all of the time.”

    S Moss

  • “a great taste ...looking forward in trying it in my favourite recipes”

    P Baker

  • “Fantastic product. For those of us with that dreaded sweet tooth. Really can't tell the difference between this and real sugar. I have recommended it to all my friends.”


  • “I couldn't tell the difference between Canderel Sugarly and sugar. It looks and tastes the same....but without the calories. Fantastic!!”

    Y James

  • “WOW.... I am really surprised by how much I love it I could not tell the difference at all in comparison to sugar great job I will definitely be buying it from now on”

    A Henderson

  • “My husband is on the 5:2 diet, but loves a crumble for dessert on a Sunday, one of his 5 'eat normally' days. Last week he made a rhubarb crumble and didn't tell me he used Sugarly and I honestly couldn't tell the difference from his usual crumble. Will definitely be using it in all desserts in future.”

    V Gwynn

  • “I hate sweeteners & normally if I have no sugar available I'd rather do without than use a sweetener- until now. I received Sugarly in my 'Degustabox' so gave it a try- and I am a total convert, as is everyone else in my office! You just cannot tell the difference between this and sugar. When I find somewhere local that stocks it, it will be a regular on my shopping list!”

    S Gillespie

  • @Canderel_UK your new "sugarly" sweetener is amazing. For a long time I've been using too much sugar, can't wait to cut it out! #revolution


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