Canderel Sweet Crunchy


New Canderel Sugarly is a zero calorie sweetener that tastes like sugar, looks like sugar and feels like sugar. So you can enjoy a delicious taste but without all of the calories of sugar. New Canderel Sugarly can be used just like sugar - sprinkle on fruit and cereals, in hot drinks or even cooking and baking.
Available in 275g.

Available at Sainsbury's and Tesco

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Canderel Granules


Canderel Granules can be used to replace sugar spoon for spoon in any of your favourite recipes. Simply shake some on your breakfast cereal or even over fruit. It also works for main courses and desserts when you’re in need of a great idea for a mid-week meal that doesn’t pile on the calories. All in all, it provides the same level of sweetness as sugar with the delicious satisfying taste you love, but with fewer calories.
Available in 40g and 75g.

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Canderel Tablets


Sweeten your hot drinks throughout the day with Canderel tablets. Each tablet has the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar, but contains absolutely no calories. Compare this to sugar, which clocks up 20 calories per teaspoon, and you’ll see what a smart move it is to use Canderel in your hot drinks.
Available in 100’s, 300’s and 500’s refill pack.

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Canderel Zero


Canderel Zero dissolves instantly and is perfect for sweetening hot and cold drinks. The easy squeeze liquid can also be used to sweeten smoothies, sauces, porridge and desserts. The handy portable pack can be used for on-the-go sweetening.

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