The Big Summer Conundrum


The British summer is finally in full swing, but why are our two favourite visions of the perfect summertime such polar opposites? We have only just finished the plan for our 'get fit in time for summer regime'  as the head follows the media and shouts 'healthy living' and 'beach body ready'; but it's the start of summer and the heart wants to eat, drink and party! It's ok, there’s still enough time to do both, isn’t there?

Ignoring the showers and cold spells, keeping the BBQ burning and the summer dream party alive. That beach body fitness regime sadly turns into a quick dash to the get the latest 'slim quick tricks' that fill the magazine pages. 

Then comes the justification, adding rhyme and reason, telling ourselves that alfresco dining couldn't be better for you. All those salads (part of your 5 a day) and grilled meats are part of a healthy and balanced diet... yet the pounds don't seem to be disappearing, the shorts are still a little tight and the top slightly clingy. Finally (and often a little too late) comes the realisation and we admit that the lack of consistent exercise, the sauces and dressings, cold drinks, cheese and bread are all taking their toll.

We've all been there and likely to go there every year, it's the conundrum, the British cost of summer. Just maybe there’s an easy solution or at least some help to be had? At Canderel, we understand, we listen to our fans and we live it ourselves!

Together we’ve compiled our top 5 easy tips to a healthier summer.


1. Swap the car for a walk - all those little trips to the shop, to your friends, to pick up this and drop off that…  a 15/20 minute walk not only burns calories but also helps relax the mind.

2. Swap Sugar for Canderel Sugarly (or another Canderel product)  - Replace the sugar in your alfresco dining. Created by our chefs, click here for our delicious range of salad dressings, BBQ dressings, main meals and desserts

3. Swap Juice for Water - Keep yourself hydrated, the sun and all the later nights can start to take their toll, so stay light on the fruit juice. Water helps to keep your bones and muscles healthy, helps maintain your weight and best of all, fuels your activities throughout the day!

4. Swap the Gym for a Swim - Swimming in the summer whether it be outdoor or more than likely indoors, it will help keep your body cool and feel refreshed

5. Swap wine for a cocktail - save on the calories with a gin and slim line tonic or click here to for our mouthwateringly fabulous Canderel Mojito cocktail recipe, created by our mixologist and tested by us here at Canderel.


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