MOVE WELL – Try yoga to kick start your day

Yoga is a great way to energise your body without having to break a sweat! It improves your flexibility, strengthens your bones and tones your body for a sleeker appearance. Take a few minutes out of your morning routine to follow our mini guide to energising yoga postures.

The Fish:
Lie on your back and tuck in your forearms and elbows up close to the sides of your body. Arch your back as much as you can whilst raising it off the ground by pushing the floor with your elbows.

Downward facing dog:
Lying face down on the floor, place your palms down next to you and lift your body up so that you are making an upside down ‘V’ shape. Straighten your arms and legs and make sure your feet remain flat on the ground.

Plank pose:
Lie face down on the floor, place your feet together and your hands face down either side of you. Push your whole body up as if doing a push up and hold for 10 seconds. Note: You may find it easier to move into this position from down facing dog.

Childs pose:
Sit with your knees on the ground and your bottom resting on your heels. Lay your body forward with your head touching the floor. Then place your arms alongside your body and turn your palms upwards so they are facing the ceiling.

Tree pose:
Stand upright and shift your weight over to the right foot. Lift your left foot off of the floor and bend your left knee, bringing the sole of the left foot high onto the inner right thigh. Bringing your hands together in a prayer position, focus on something that doesn’t move to help you keep your balance. Repeat the move whilst standing on the left foot. Note: When first trying this pose you may find you need to hold onto a chair to keep balance. Gradually move away from using the chair to further challenge the pose.