Diabetes Week: Setting the Record Straight

There is no better way to kick start Summer than by showing our dedicated support for a great cause, one which strives to drive awareness and pay attention to a disease that affects so many lives in the UK. For Canderel, June is all about reinforcing the message and helping to 'set the record straight '.



The facts and stats provide the very reason that diabetes is a cause of great concern and one which requires better understanding and awareness.


There are 3.2 million people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes in the UK


  • More people in the UK are diagnosed with Diabetes than with Cancer and Dementia combined
  • It is estimated that by 2025 5 million people will suffer from Diabetes, that is more than:-
    • 400 people every day
    • 17 people every hour
    • 3 people every minute


And if those stats are not alarming enough then there are reportedly an estimated 630,000 people in the UK who currently have diabetes but are undiagnosed with the disease. This is why it is so important so please help us to drive awareness and explain the truth about diabetes, arming people with the information needed to have healthier, happier lives, if they are living with diabetes or have a friend or relative who is a sufferer of diabetes.



Diabetes UK’s campaign this year focuses on busting the myths surrounding diabetes and providing help in managing the disease.



A prevailing myth [See all Myths] is the belief that diabetes sufferers can't have sugar! It is really important to reduce your sugar, salt and fat intake, but you don't have to cut it out of your diet entirely, nor does it mean that your food has to lack flavour. Canderel can really help you switch from sugar too, as our range of products provide the sweet taste that you desire without the calories.



The Canderel range of products can be great for sipping and shaking, cooking and baking, mixing and making without compromising on taste. Take a look at our exciting recipes and delicious, nutritious meals here. Just try swapping a spoon at a time and you will soon see that there is no difference to the taste but a difference to your health. #swapit


Get involved. You can be as little or as much involved as you like, just click here for all the information that you need and ways in which you can help 'set the record straight'. We would also love to hear your story, ideas and feedback so please feel free to get in touch with us too via any of our social channels and don't forget to use #swapit



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