It’s 3pm, and sudden fatigue hits you like a ton of bricks. At this time of day, we may feel the urge to guzzle down yet another coffee or reach for high sugar foods, but both are ‘quick fixes’ which result in further energy slumps and even weight gain. Simple tricks such as adding Canderel® to our afternoon tea can let us enjoy that sweet flavour and fits in perfectly with any low-calorie meal plan.

Energy directly correlates with efficiency and work performance, and for many the afternoon slump may be their most unproductive time of the day. It’s no coincidence that so many of us struggle with afternoon fatigue, as it has its roots deeply seated in human biology and may be linked to our circadian rhythm. The afternoon slump can certainly be exacerbated by what we eat, and if you struggle with excessive fatigue there are plenty of tricks to manage sugar cravings and give us the energy boost we need…

1. Tired after eating? Avoid heavy meals at lunchtime!

Heavy meals stimulate the rest and digest system, which for some can trigger excessive fatigue after eating. Focus on a diet to combat fatigue with lighter lunches and a wholesome afternoon snack.

2. Pack your own balanced lunch

Some research suggests that high fat or high carbohydrates lunches can contribute to afternoon fatigue and drowsiness. Focus on balanced lunches (fill half your plate with veg, ¼ carbs, ¼ protein + a little fat). If you experience tiredness after eating sugar it may be time to skip the sugary beverages in your meal deal and add Canderel® Zero to fruit-infused water for a no added sugar refreshing drink.

3. Jazz up your afternoon tea

A Canderel® tablet can be a saviour if you’re on a weight loss plan yet crave that sweet flavour! With zero calories, it can be a perfect option for any diet plan.

You could also try switching your usual coffee for matcha green tea. This hot beverage contains a special compound called L-theanine which has been shown to help with feelings of relaxed alertness and clarity.

4. Try a walking meeting

If you have no energy and are constantly tired when the afternoon strikes, movement may be key! Sitting at our desks for too long can result in lethargy, which is why brisk walking can increase energy and combat fatigue. Research has shown that fresh air and nature are associated with greater vitality which is why exercise such as walking to meetings can even improve mood and even self-esteem.

5. Swap the office cake try for homemade treats

It’s easy to grab ‘quick fix’ high sugar foods just because we’re feeling exhausted. But if these foods are hindering your efforts to lose belly fat, then why not make your own favourite no added sugar treat with Canderel® Sugarly instead of sugar?

Canderel® Sugarly can make a perfect sugar replacement in cakes, biscuits, muffins and even flapjacks, yet is zero calorie and totally sugar-free. You could also add a drop or two of Canderel Zero® to your yoghurt with a spoonful of cocoa for lower-calorie indulgent chocolate dessert.

6. Start stretching

If you struggle with fatigue, aches and pains then stretching is what you need. Boost energy and alertness by taking 5 minutes each day to invest in stretches you can do at your desk.