Angela Dowden: Summer time, and the eating is easy!

In a rut with bbq burgers and picnic pork pies? If so it’s time to try out some healthier, but equally delicious, al fresco food.
Lean not mean

At barbecues, ditch the processed meat like sausages and burgers and go for lower fat but just as nice chicken kebabs, grilled sardines, lean steak and quorn burgers.

Full not fat

High fibre starchy carbohydrate (e.g. wholemeal pittas, wholemeal bread, baked potatoes), and a generous serving of salad or vegetables should, as a rule of thumb, make up two thirds of what’s on your plate at a picnic or a barbecue. And here’s a top tip: don’t nibble a little here, a little there, which is hard to keep track of. Instead put your full quota of food on your plate in one go (and stick to that amount!) to avoid over eating.

Fabulous Fruits

Vitamin rich berries are at their peak at this time of year. Why not pick your own and get some exercise into the bargain? As well as eating them straight (with a sprinkle of Canderel), try whizzing them into healthy smoothies with skimmed milk and yoghurt.

Sweet treats

There’s still room for them! How about a Lemon lime and ginger cheesecake made with Canderel at only 225 calories a slice (that’s at least 100 fewer than you would expect if it was made with sugar and high calorie ingredients). Add a few raspberries for the most taste bud-tingling combination!

Healthy Swaps

Swap: White bread cheese sandwiches

For: Wholemeal pittas stuffed with canned beans and grated half fat cheese

Swap: Strawberries with double cream

For: Strawberries with single cream and Canderel

Swap: Pork pie or sausage rolls

For: Chicken satay sticks or marinated chicken breast fillets

Swap: Scotch eggs

For: Plain boiled eggs

Swap: Doughnuts or jam tarts

For: Homemade wholemeal scones

Swap: Broccoli and bacon quiche

For: Tomato and tuna pasta salad