New Canderel Sugarly


We are so excited to welcome Canderel Sugarly to our product family. Canderel Sugarly is the closest thing to sugar since sugar. With all the benefits of its zero calories and the delicious taste and crunchiness of sugar, Canderel Sugarly is truly versatile. Simply buy it, try it, love it and share it.




Happy hour is always on when you are drinking one of our sensational cocktails. Whether it is fruit or fizz, sweet or sour, shaken or stirred, mocktail or cocktail, we have a range of thirst quenchers ready to be tried by you this summer, so grab your Canderel Sugarly by the hand and get sipping. #Shake it




You can now have your cake and eat it! Whether it's an indulgent weekend delight, a pick me up snack or maybe a reward at the end of a hard day or long workout, it's these sweet pleasures that keep us smiling. With Canderel Sugarly you can enjoy them even more, 0 calories mean you get all the taste sugar and guilt free. #Bake it




It doesn't matter what you are cooking; NEW Canderel Sugarly is just as versatile as Sugar. Stirring up a sumptuous, tangy Pad Thai or adding a little sweetness to your Bolognese, swap your usual spoon for Canderel Sugarly for exactly the same results but with no added calories. #Make It




With its granular texture and sweet delicious taste, Canderel Sugarly is the perfect accompaniment for all your summer fruits, whether picked from your garden or bought at the supermarket, wrapped in a pancake or eaten on their own, sprinkle a little Canderel Sugarly delight and enjoy the sweet taste of British Summer. #Sprinkle it




To get you going in the morning or sooth your long day, we are a nation of tea and coffee drinkers. And for those of us who are partial to a sweet cup but would like to avoid too much sugar, we have the perfect match - New Canderel Sugarly.




You can't help but fall in love with NEW Canderel Sugarly, it’s not only a versatile alternative to Sugar, it also has a whopping 0% calories. With it's granulated texture, it really is the closest thing to sugar since, well, sugar! We’re so confident that once you try it you’ll love it, we’ll give you some free. #Swapit



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