MOVE WELL – Unexpected benefits of keeping fit

Making the commitment to get physically fit and stay fit is a huge one. It means spending a lot of time outside your comfort zone; when many people will be home relaxing on an evening or enjoying a lie-in at the weekend, you’ll be pumping iron or pounding the pavement in an effort to increase your level of fitness.
While the physical pay-off seems such a long way off, it helps to know that there are some side benefits to keeping fit which can improve you mentally as well as physically almost immediately. Exercise is for the mind as much as the body.

Mental benefits
Exercise can be a wonderful stress buster, and as much as being active obviously isn’t a cure for clinical depression, it can really help people feel more positive and much less anxious.
As well as benefiting from increased endorphin levels which lend themselves to inner calm, you’ll exude much more of a healthy glow from being at one with the great outdoors (building up your body’s supply of vitamin D shouldn’t be undervalued). As this article suggests, you may even improve your brain function through exercise via a process known as neurogenesis.
Anyone who struggles to sleep shouldn’t think twice about joining a gym or simply going for a bracing walk. The mixture of fresh air and fatigue can really work a treat for mild insomnia.

Physical Benefits

On the physical side of things, you’ll be much more assured in your own appearance. Even if you’re not built like an Olympian, you’ll see muscle definition where before there was none, and you’ll have a much improved self-image, in the simple knowledge that you’re doing your bit for personal health.
The paybacks in terms of future health benefits are also endless. Exercise wards off the likes of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, metabolic health and Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Remember, you don’t have to be breaking world records or putting in 2 hours a night. Around 3 hours a week will do you the world of good, and if you join a gym with a spa, you can also enjoy a sauna or Jacuzzi after your workout – all part of boosting your personal well-being and very relaxing to boot.

You may even see your financial health begin to look an awful lot rosier. Exercise can be very low cost and often free – as mentioned previously, the merits of a brisk walk are one of life’s most fundamental lessons. If you want to stay in good shape you will also want to stay active, but we can’t always anticipate what may happen around the corner with injury or illness occurring at any time. It’s for this reason that having health cover is a great way to get prompt access to specialists to get you the right treatment quickly. Seeing a specialist in good time can aid your recovery by isolating the problem before you do further damage and give you a proper rehabilitation plan to ensure that you’re treating your health problem in the correct manner. You can also consider health plans that help you save money also allowing you to get cash back on everyday healthcare expenses.

So whether it’s joining a gym and getting super-fit, taking regular walks or even gardening; it’s all activity and it all counts. Think about getting your blood pumping in whatever way you see fit, and reap the plentiful rewards of exercise.”