MOVE AND THINK WELL – In order to become more active and increase your fitness along the way.

In order to become more active and increase your fitness along the way, it is not compulsory to join a gym and become a slave to the routine. Indeed, for most casual exercisers, becoming a member of a gym can seem a little intimidating. As with most things in life, the simple approach works best when it comes to health and fitness and that involves taking regular small strides to achieve your goals. Talking of strides, there is arguably nothing more beneficial and suitable for a wide range of people than the simple act of walking.
It is really quite amazing the benefits that embarking on a regular set of walks can bring to your fitness and overall sense of well-being. Walking not only helps increase fitness levels but can also have a positive impact on your state of mind too. Combine your walking routine with an exercise tracker which keeps an ongoing check on your performance each time and you will find these benefits are expanded exponentially.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Strokes
Walking is a form of cardiovascular exercise and therefore can be highly effective in helping to reduce the risk of serious conditions such as heart disease and strokes. By walking at a fairly brisk pace for 30 minutes, your heart rate will increase and the blood will begin to pump around the body a little quicker, ensuring that the heart receives a good workout in the process. A good quality fitness tracker will help you keep to a pace that is both comfortable and beneficial to your body.

Facilitate Weight Loss
Walking is one of the best aids for weight loss, in addition to being one of the most pleasurable. A simple 30 minute stroll will burn off 75 calories. Increase your pace to just 3mph and you will burn up to 99 calories in that half hour. The more experienced walker can burn over 150 calories by maintaining a fast pace. It really is that simple.

Tone Your Body
Along with losing weight, it would be great to achieve a toned body too, wouldn’t it? By taking note of your posture as you walk, you increase the chances of losing inches off your waist, in addition to giving shape and definition to your legs and buttocks.

Increase Energy Levels
The increase in circulation and oxygen levels brought about by the act of walking can have an amazing effect on your overall energy. Regular walking will help you to stay alert and fresh, giving you an aura of fitness and vitality. This increased energy level may then inspire you to add further exercise into your routine.

Clear the Mind
Walking isn’t just about the physical benefits. One of the most overlooked benefits to this form of exercise is of a mental and spiritual nature. The physical activity of walking, combined with fresh air and the beauty of nature, releases endorphins into the bloodstream, making you feel happy, content and stress-free.

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other is undoubtedly one of the best exercises you can undertake and, best of all, it is free.