EAT WELL – Lose weight for Summer

Lose weight for summer by following some sensible tips and advice from Dr Brewer.

Although everyone knows that crash diets are absolutely not a good idea, it is possible to shed weight over the space of just a few weeks if you have a special occasion such as a summer party coming up by eating sensibly.

Dr Sarah Brewer, author of The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements said it’s just a case of employing a few simple measures and sticking to them resolutely, rather than following an endless cycle of dieting and overindulging.

This follows recent research from the Jenny Craig weight management programme, which showed that four out of ten women who diet then return to a heavier weight afterwards, while many more see weight creeping back on just three weeks after they hit their target.

It was found this could be due to a lack of willpower, or from following a regime that is too complicated to keep up.

Dr Brewer said cutting down on portion sizes is often enough to see the pounds start to drop off before the summer holiday creeps up.
“Try having one small potato instead of two large ones, or having a small amount of brown rice instead of a whole bowl full of white pasta” she suggested.
The expert also recommended cutting down on the amount of alcohol you consume per week and swapping high-fat puddings for lower-calorie desserts to satisfy your cravings for sweet things without having to eat too much fat.

“We all know what we should be doing. It’s just a question of doing it. Not eating those biscuits with your coffee, having a glass of water instead of a glass of wine and cutting back easily that way” Dr Brewer said.

If you suspect you’re overdoing it with portion sizes, Web MD has some tips on how to eat only the recommended amounts per day.
It states that one serving of fruit or veg should be the size of your closed fist, whilst one ice cream scoop-sized portion of pasta is enough.
For meat, fish and poultry you shouldn’t need more than a deck of card-sized amount and for snacks, just a cupped handful is recommended.
Meanwhile for alcohol, the government suggests only two to three units a day for women, which is the equivalent of two small (125ml) glasses of wine.
It is easy to overindulge, particularly when servings in shops and restaurants are getting bigger. However, if you follow this advice you’ll be sure to reap the rewards by looking fab for summer holiday.