Dr Hilary Jones talks #SweetSmart

We recently launched some brand new research on the role of low calorie sweeteners to a room packed full of media and influencers. The new research from the University of Birmingham, and an observational study exploring data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) 2008-2012, demonstrated that low calorie sweeteners do help Brits to reduce their sugar intake by curbing sugar cravings and therefore helping them to consume less energy in calories despite many myths to the contrary.

Sweetening the news, busting myths and educating the audience on the history of low-calorie sweeteners, our research findings were delivered to a room of journalists, dietitians, bloggers and experts by a stellar panel of experts including ITV’s Dr Hilary Jones, leading nutritionists Amanda Ursell and Fiona Hunter, Dr Margaret Ashwell OBE and Dr Suzanne Higgs from the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham. Guests were treated to delicious foods made using the Canderel range.